The evolution of light for Skin Rejuvenation

Aging of the face either on a superficial or at a deep level occurs when there is a loss of elasticity in the underlying connective tissue.

ULTRA ENERGIST IPL is the latest advance in pioneering Intense Pulsed Light technology.

Thread veins & Spiderveins
Sun,liver & age spots
Acne Scarring
Wrinkles and fine lines
Skin Texture

The treatments at Top To Toe Beauty use short, safe, controlled pulses of filtered light to rejuvenate your skin. We offer a safe, non-surgical treatment for many skin conditions often brought about by age or over-exposure to the sun. It is also very effective on facial scars caused by acne or trauma.

Pigmented areas absorb the IPL light and convert it to heat causing a break up in the pigment. For example, with broken capillaries the light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the blood and the unwanted vein simply disappears.

There is no downtime you can literally go straight back to work after treatment. Make-up may also be applied immediately after treatment. It is recommended you have three treatments but improvements will often be seen after just one.

Significant improvements will be seen in your skin condition with a regular course of treatments

As an added benefit treatment occurs beneath the skin's surface. At a cellular level collagen production is stimulated resulting in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles over a period of treatments. This helps repair the negative signs of ageing and improves the quality and texture of the skin effectively putting the brakes on it continuing.

Photorejuvenation has three main targets:

Reduction of skin pigmentation
Treatment of broken blood capillaries/veins (whatever their origin)
Tightening of the skin at a dermal layer

Broken capillaries can be caused by too much sun, living in very hot or cold climates, excess alcohol or simply genetics. They usually appear on our cheeks, nose under the eyes or on the neck and chest. One of the best ways to treat them is through photorejuvenation. Originally developed in the USA, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is new and exciting to New Zealand.

Both men and women with no visible capillaries or pigmentation are choosing to have IPL treatments instead of chemical peels to freshen their complexion.

These treatments are not available to you if you have olive or dark coloured skin.The darker skin pigment can interfere with the IPL light. Age however, is no barrier. Sun spots on many elderly clients particularly on hands and chest can be significantly reduced and in many cases completely removed.

We allso have products and services that support our treatmentsand it is recommended that a skin assessment is undertaken by a qualified Beauty Therapist at the completion of your treatment that will help care for and enhance your renewed skin tone and texture.

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