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Avaliable In Store
Body Wash

This pH balanced non - soap has been described as being the most natural of its kind on the New Zealand market.

Its gentle lather comes from the sea salt content and leaves the skin silky and luxuriant because it retains the softening effect of the essential oils once the lather has washed away.

It is favoured by many for its correction of many skin conditions such as - Psoraisis, dermatitis and Excema. It is particularly effective when used with a body mitt to push the active ingredients into the skin and help arrest dry skin conditions e.g. its use for ingrown hairs is unsurpassed,
                     it makes an ideal shaving lather.

Both the Body Wash and Moisturiser are acceptable to all skin types aimed at enhancing skin health

Facial Cream

is a superb blend of specially selected ingredients to benefit the complexion with long lasting protection and moisturising effects.

The five active ingredients in the Facial cream are :

Evening Primrose Oil - a fatty acid easily absorbed through the skin
Aloe Vera - to soothe and add to a healthy skin tone
Active Manuka Honey - at 10%, it is highly effective for its reputable healing properties and its natural ability to balance and restore moisture within the skin
Echinacea - to act for the skin's immunity and to provide anti- inflammatory and skin healing properties

SPF4 - provides a universally acceptable level of gentle sun protection without causing allergies.
Its light texture is creamy and velvety to apply. Is easily absorbed and forms the perfect platform on which to apply makeup

Refresher Mist

can be used before or after moisturising and delivers a delightfully  soft, fresh and rebalancing finish to the skin.

It holds two humectants - Rosewater and Active Manuka Honey.
The honey content balances the skin to help ease the hot / dry feel and is known for its healing and soothing properties.
Witchhazel is revitalising on the skin, and makes the ideal travellers companion to hydrate and refresh.

The many uses of ' essentials' refresher mist include:

to refresh tired makeup and add a velvety glow to your skin
in the gym or on the run
after ski and after sun to hydrate and soothe the skin
as an aftershave for men
in the car, office or work place to hydrate against the drying and ageing affects of air conditioners / heaters
Alternatively, it can be used as a misting of toner before applying 'essentials' Facial cream

It is easy to apply. Simply hold the bottle 40cm from your face, close your eyes and press the nozzle to release 1-2 sprays

Firming Eye Gel

This eye gel is quite revolutionary in its approach to benefit puffy, tired irritated eyes whilst restoring moisture balance within this delicate area.

With the simplicity of a ball applicator, it's a delightfully refreshing preparation to apply round the eye area. The gel formulation works just as effectively over eye makeup as it has a rapid drying time.

Contained in this special eye gel is Mallow, a natural anti-inflammatory to take away puffiness and ease tired eyes. The effect can be felt instantly.

Mallow extract strengthens cell structure, soothes, decongests, firms and moisturises. As with the Honey Facial Mask, this gel contains Eurol BT which acts as a blocking process against further action of UV rays in the skin, the underlying cause of fine lines.

It is compact to pop into a purse for re-applying during the day eg: for computer operators

Skin Deep Hand and Nail Cream
An ideal protective cream for all occasions including outdoor sports, gardening and driving. The cream, whilst rich in texture, absorbs completely, delivering to the hands a three-way protection.

A naturally enriched hand and nail cream designed to soothe and protect.

it has Manuka / Kanuka oil for skin health. A delightful bouquet of essential oils give a fresh, uplifting citrus fragrance you will love
it has a water repellent factor to keep hands softened
it has a SPF 4 sunscreen for gentle protection
Ingredients : Sweet Almond Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, Tri ethanlamine, Cyclomethicone, Lanolin, Methyl and Propyl parabens.Sunscreen from : Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Butlyl Methoxyolibenzoylmethane.

Skin Deep Balm

Balm is excellent for concentrated healing whilst soothing the cause. It contains a total 6% Manuka and Kanuka oil in a light, easily absorbed sweet almond oil base.

The Balm is presented in a convenient ' carry anywhere ' 20g pot and has many uses to calm and protect against skin problems :-

acne and other skin infections
cuts and abrasions, chaffing
fungal conditions e.g tinea
viral infections - to treat or as a preventitive against cold sores
to calm the irritation from thrush ( candidas albicans ) when applied on a tampon
to speed healing after electrolysis or where other delicate hair extraction is performed

Ingredients = 4% Makuka 2% Kanuka oils, sweet almond oil, parabens and phenoxyethanol for antisceptic and protective benefits, in Triethanolamine, stearic compounds to emulsify, vegetable glycerin and deionzed water.

Honey Facial Mask

This is the perfect product in your skincare routine for maintaining a youthful appearance by effectively increasing hydration, repair and elasticity to the skin.

What makes the Honey Facial Mask so outstanding in revitalising the complexion lies in the dual action of 20% Active Manuka Honey and Eurol BT (Olive leaf extract)

Both work as strong agents towards restoring cell renewal and act as anti-oxidants to repair not only sun damage in the skin but also reduce the action of further bombardment of UV rays.

We suggest applying it to a clean skin twice weekly. For maximum penetration - and results - it can be left on the skin as an intense 'over-night' repair for when your skin needs a boost.