Hot stone therapy
is a hands on technique used in conjunction with massage. There is no other body treatment like a hot stone therapy massage to relax the body at its deepest level.

The stones used to carry out massage are special stones that retain heat. They are silky smooth to facilitate the gliding massage. The temperature of the stones is transferred to the body which relaxes the muscles and the effects of the massage are far deeper. The tension from each muscle just melts away!!The use of hot stones increases elasticity so after heat treatment application-                                     collagen fibres become more pliable.....

The weight, pressure and heat of the stones encourages lymph movement throughout the body. Metabolic waste is expelled more efficiently and the detoxification process is kicked into action.

The effects of the hot stone therapy are not just skin deep. It affects the various systems of our body in a positive way.

Circulatory system

Provides lymph drainage

Toxin removal

Promotes cell hydration......

Which means healthier and glowing skin !

Muscular system

Relaxes muscles

Ligaments are nourished

Connective tissue is mobilized-elastin and collagen.......

Nervous system

Calms the nervous system

Relieves stress........

Nourishes nerve cells

organ system
Provides relaxation, decongestion and detoxification

vascular system

Increases the flow and rate of blood circulation

Causes venous dilation


As the stones are placed strategically, it helps to balance the energy centres of the body— neutralises negative energies, re-energises depleted areas and draws energy away from the stimulated areas. The energies of the hot stones promote a harmonising and cleansing effect thus encouraging tranquillity and calmness.

This is a blissful treatment which relaxes not only the body but the mind as well!!!  Which is what we all need to drain away the stresses of today’s busy lifestyle................................

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